Steve Norell

Inspiring families to find memorable adventures in Idaho
Agency: Drake Cooper
Visit Idaho website homepage, with title Childhood is Short Summer is Shorter

Project Roles

  • Creative Direction
  • Technology Direction
  • UX Design
  • Visual Design

Key Contributions

  • Collaborated on UX for a complex system of content relationships between Activites, Activity Resources, Lodging and Articles
  • Provided technical direction for the implementation of 3rd party APIs like TripAdvisor
  • Provided creative direction for digital advertising campaigns and digital experiences supporting mass media campaigns
Mobile size webpage showing an overview of Kirkham Hot Springs with details
Mobile size webpage showing a listing for Caribou Lodge with an image of the lodge and description
Mobile size webpage showing an article titled 20 Budget-friendly Idaho Advertures for 2020
List of UI cards at a slight right angle showing different articles and activity content items
Website with Visit Idaho logo showing a family taking a selfie in front of a waterfall with a layered 18Summers logo graphic

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